The Park

If you are looking for a scenic, serene & secure place to reflect and do soul searching on a wonderful get away; No other place in Arusha is better suited than Themi Falls Leisure Park.

This activity-laden park depicts Innovative, stylistically stunning, haunting and enigmatic get away. Be relaxed in a flower marvel in a serene garden overlooking 6 peaks surrounding the park.

Whether you are looking to take a mountain hike to acclimatize or off beat feast, or a barbeque with real taste from open flame or if you just want to test drive your 4×4, to transect a country side, or even want to isolate yourself in a total solitude…or maybe you need oxygen therapy? Or unequalled children play ground. If you want to stay just two of you in romance or looking for adventure; the Park has everything for everybody. Come and enjoy the set up like no other in the region!


The park is located in Olgilai village, in the district of Arusha. 5 km drive from the main Arusha-Moshi road, turning toward Mout meru at the road opposite Mount Meru Hotel. The Park is located in an isolated property with minimum disturbance, ideal for relaxing, partying, reflecting, soul searching or meditation.

Road map to Themi Falls Leisure Park