What to do in the park


Partying- Bring your wedding, birthday, graduation or family re-union party in our Park- A Flowering marvel with total privacy, neat and colorful environment. Arrange lunch overlooking a beautiful waterfall or flowers or the iconic Mount Meru, the Africa’s 5th tallest Mountain


The park provides a selection of picnic sites ranging from in campus and off campus sites. Be in campus or off campus choose your favorable setup or walk to the riverside site, rock site or waterfall site. Services can be arrange in any of the site of your choice

Nature walks and nature talk inside the reserve

Stretch the muscles, Test your fitness for Kilimanjaro or Meru climbs. In the process, encounter the waterfall inside the reserve. Identify the trees species; dance the melody from the vocal birds including magnificent Hartloub’s Turaco. Sit alone on benches provided or choose your rock; enjoy the calmness and energy from the lush forest. Revitalize your brain, agitate your creativity, and refresh your brain in this tranquil site

Walk for culture

Visit various cultural sites inside and in the property annexures-visit the holy tree. Where the local worship and carry out rituals, visit the crop fields-arrange for the dance-Maasai dance session. Visit the local houses and see their tools and artifacts. Visit to Olpul-an ancient site where men used to camp and eat meat for days. This practice which was men preserve and popular among Masai with sufficient stock to afford a couple for this once a prestigious outdoor event.

Bird watching

Bird lovers are at home in the park. The place is a bird’s watchers paradise with many species of birds roaming the forest. The common birds include; the hartlob’s turaco, horn bills, sunbird, flycatchers, Augur Buzzard, swifts, the vocal Hadada Ibis and many more.


The Park provides for ideal acclimatization for those planning to scale the adjacent Meru or majestic Kilimanjaro. Not only those but you may find yourself wanting to reconnect with nature, alone in the middle of serene, secure and scenic environment. Camping sites are provided in classes of special and public camping. The public camping is in campus with hot showers, flush toilets and kitchen with both electric and gas stoves. The special campsites are provided in the forest, outside the campus with only tents pads, armed security guard and sitting benches provided. The campers may have to bring with them all their requirements.

Site seeing

This is a popular activity where guided tours are arranged to scale the surrounding peak of your choice to see from the top the surroundings, sunset or sunrise. This activity combines sight seeing with acclimatization for those planning for more challenging climbs of Meru or Kilimanjaro


Visit to the waterfalls, the farther waterfall located in the government forest reserve, about 2 hours walk from the park. Visit the farm that supply the organic vegetables to the center, learn the art of farming organic, feed the cattle if you have the passion. Learn about alternative energy from Biogas installed in the vegetable farm for energy and to process manure for the organic faming


Choose to climb one of the hills to see from above the village and the surrounding. See as far as Arusha City. The peak is perfect for sunset. The view is picture-perfect from above

Orchard visit

As a complementary to you our esteem visitor-pick any ripe season fruit. Select from wild berries to garden fruits. While we would love to but we won’t allow you to carry any fruits from the garden. You can pick and eat as much as you can though.

Rock climbing

The Park is endowed with Massif rock pillar standing tall inside the reserve forming ideal ground for rock climbing. The rock stands over 50 meters high providing habitat for various birds and occasional sighting of blue monkey and baboons crisscrossing the rock. Both technical and Amateur climbing is available. This adventure is at climber own risk.